I am on the radio!

Hey guys, here’s a bit of Sunday lazy listening for you. It’s an interview with the Dresden-based radio station, coloRadio, recorded last weekend at Ladyfest Leipzig. Thanks to Antje for interviewing me! We recorded at 2 in the morning outside a queer punk party after I had drunk a lot of gin, but I think I still manage to make quite a lot of sense. Click here to listen.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for my lowdown on the anti-sexism workshops I have run over the past few weeks. Yay for fem(me)inist activism!

Listen to me discussing my latest project on Transgender Radio!

Along with the Berlin Femme Mafia I am compiling a zine on Sexism in the Queer Community. Listen to me discussing my motivation for the project, the dynamics of sexism in the queer community and my thoughts about why it exists.

Short version for the time-pressed and full version for the very enthusiastic.


P.S. If anyone knows of any local radios that might want to air this that would be well awesome. Contact me!