a big thank you and a little self-promotion

For all of you who are new here and have followed the pages of the zine to this, my other creation, welcome! It’s great to have you here. This weekend, I and some dedicated friends staffed a Dressed Like That table at Zinefest Berlin. It was a wonderful occasion with the promised vulva cupcakes causing quite a stir (see pic below). I believe they have now gone viral on Twitter. Oh deary me, so many joke possibilities…

From the feedback I have had about the zine, most of you thought it was pretty darn awesome. With 18 kick-ass contributions, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks to all of you who bought it / traded with me and happy reading! For those of you who are monolingual and wondering how the hell you are gonna read some of the German texts, or have non-English-speaking German friends, there will be a fully bilingual edition coming out in January 2012, to premiered at our fantabulous release party. Details up here soon…

Vegan Vagalicious Cupcakes photo by Stadtpoetin (Berlin @nders)

And now for the cheeky self-promotion. Well, it is my blog so I guess I can do what I darn well please. The lovely folks from Bildwechsel have invited me to be part of the Zine Action Day in Hamburg this weekend. For those of you who don’t know, Bildwechsel in an awesome charity which promotes feminist art and artists. (For folks reading this in the UK, there is a branch in Glasgow so check that out!) Along with another zine-maker from Finland, I will be conducting a workshop slash panel discussion on sexism in the queer community. I ran a similar workshop at the Queer Festival in Copenhagen earlier this year and I fully expect this one to bring up as much food for thought. If you happen to be in this small corner of Europe, come check it out! I will also have copies of the zine up for grabs.

zine world premiere TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the long-awaited world premiere of the Dressed Like That zine: feminine voices on sexism in the queer community/feminine Stimmen über Sexismus in der queeren Szene! Come check out the stall tomorrow, Saturday, at Zinefest Berlin. We will have beautiful, freshly-minted copies and VAGINA CUPCAKES to sink your hungry teeth into. If you are new to the zine, check out the details here: https://lipstickterrorist.wordpress.com/media/

So, here’s the lowdown
Dressed up, fancy stall with awesome ladies and vagina cupcakes
@Zinefest Berlin
Werkstatt der Kulturen: Wissmannstraße 23, 12049 Berlin 

For more info on the fest, check out their website.

(provisionary) zine deadline now announced!

I will be debuting the zine on sexism in the queer community at Zinefest Berlin on 26 and 27 November 2011. The zine is a collection of writing and art on sexism against femininity from feminine queers across Europe and beyond! Find out more info here.

I will be staffing a stall with freshly pressed copies of the zine for sale, along with beautiful vagina cupcakes and extravagant femme antics. Be there or be, um, straight?

Ms Laura Lipstick’s Zine Premiere

Zinefest Berlin

26- 27 November 2011

@ Werkstatt der Kulturen: Wissmannstraße 23, 12049 Berlin

Sat/ Sams 12:00 – 23:00 Sun/ Sonn 12:00 – 18:00