Ms Laura Lipstick regularly performs her sexy and hilarious burlesque acts. She is currently moving from Berlin to Canada, but fully intends to take her clothes off at parties around Montreal and Toronto too. Keep checking back for updates!

She ‘made me feel awkward and funny and sexy at the same time.’ – Eva

‘I feel like [she’s] seducing us.’ – Rosebutt


All images copyright Sara Svärtan Persson ( and Simson Petrol

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Trash Deluxe

Saturday 8th September 2012

@AHA, Berlin


The Berlin Femme Show

Thursday 15th March 2012

@Lido, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Trash Deluxe, Berlin

Saturday November 19 2011


Special Guest

@SPARKLING: Queer Feminist Performance Evening

The Alhambra, Oldenburg

Saturday 21st November 2011



Other Nature Sexladen Opening Party, Monster Ronsons, Berlin

Saturday 29 October 2011


‘Rapunzel’ with Hedi Mohr, Katie Foolsgold and Hayley Woolfson

@Wigstöckel Festival, SO36, Berlin

Saturday 1 October 2011


Solo plus duet with Rosebutt

Trash Deluxe, Berlin

Saturday 17 September 2011


with Kay P. Rinha, Nicopatra Berlin & Rosebutt

@Trash Deluxe plays L’Orangerie, Berlin

Friday 2 September 2011


Queer-o-matik at XB-Liebig, Berlin

Friday 7 April 2011


Miss Laura Lipstick’s debut performance!

@Silver Future, Berlin

Sunday 13 February 2011

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