As a gender geek, femme and feminist, Lipstick Terrorist has no interest in conforming to norms and enjoys telling you why she thinks they’re stupid. This is what she has to say for herself:

I really love writing. I also love arguing. This blog gives me the chance to combine the two. Expect to find here lots of opinions about gender and sexuality. As a big (in so many senses) feminist, I love to chat about the way these operate in the everyday world.

In the interest of self-love and not-over-committing-to-things-and-being-disappointed-in-myself-when-I-don’t-meet-my-commitments, I am not going to promise I will post every week. Hopefully, however, my creative soul will eek its emo way into these pages often enough for your liking.

Please feel free to suggest topics you would like me to write about and comment on posts. You can also get in touch with me via Twitter or follow me on Tumblr.

A note on sharing: text content is licensed under this Creative Commons license. If you want to reproduce a post in your publication, I’d probably love it, but please ask me first. It’s also awesome if you want to quote a few sentences in your own publication. Please use my name and link to the source. I like to know where my ideas get to so tell me too! In fact, if you link me or add me to your blogroll, I will love you forever. For realz.

3 thoughts on “about

  1. Dear Laura,

    I tried to figure out your email address…seems it didn’t really work out.This is why I am just leaving you a comment here hoping you are going to read it.
    My name Swantje and I am coming from Hamburg Germany. I am still studying and about to write my bachelor thesis and this is were you are becoming a part in this story. A little more that a year ago a friend of mine gave me the ‘Dressed like that’ Zine you published in Berlin – awesome, I am huge fan. Now I wonder whether you would be willing to answer me some questions about femininity and femininity in a queer context.

    Would love to hear from you.
    Best regards,

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