Is ‘Cupcake Feminism’ all Empty Calories?

Yes, I know, I know. I haven’t been around much lately have I? Well, as well as working away I am now moving to Canada in the next couple of months. So, everything’s gone a bit crazy with, like, a million and one things to do and I haven’t written any posts.

But, never fear! You can read more of my writing on amazing feminist website The F Word. I was inspired by the responses I received on Innocente(a)se and the Rise of the Cupcake to follow up on the classist and racist implications crafting chic. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Normal blogging service will be resumed shortly.

Check the awesomeness!

3 thoughts on “Is ‘Cupcake Feminism’ all Empty Calories?

  1. I loved your writings about cupcake feminism and the article in the Quietus. I thought you may be interested in an exhibition I am curating in San Francisco that has to deal with the topic of cupcake feminism and craft. Anyway I would love to know your thoughts, and possibly quote you in some of the wall text. Hopefully I hear back from you!

    Thanks, Jaimianne

    1. Lipstick Terrorist

      Hey Jaimianne,

      Thanks for the message! Your exhibition sounds great. I’d love to be quoted. Do you have any more information about the exhibition or an idea of what you want to cite?

      Just so you know, I didn’t write the article in The Quietus!

      Let me know 🙂


  2. I am very aware. I think the opinions were quite a bit different! 🙂 My email adress is, if you want to know more details. I will be quoting you in a Women’s Caucus for Art quarterly publication called ArtLines, and there will also be a reference section in the exhibition that will have a print out of your article “Innocente(a)se and the Rise of the Cupcake”. Hopefully I hear from you!

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