an apology

In my post Burlesque: Sexy or Sexist? I made the argument that the pressure to be thin and its resultant effects on women’s bodies was similar to the experiences of a body in the Holocaust. That the anorexic body and the body in a concentration camp experienced a similar kind of starvation. Some of you guys found this comparison insensitive to those affected by and killed during the Holocaust, and argued that comparing anything with that genocide is inexcusable.

Rereading that article, I can see how phrasing this argument using the words ‘fun fact’ was insensitive and seemed to belittle the Holocaust. This was never my intention and the words were meant to be sarcastic, but they were a bad choice of words. As a non-Jewish person I can also accept that it’s not my place to use the Holocaust as an analogy in my contemporary feminist argument. I sincerely apologise for any pain caused.

I would also like to draw your attention to The Beauty Myth, the original source of this argument which I replicated. While I take full responsibility for my use of this argument in my own writing, I think Naomi Wolf addresses the history of starvation in a far more eloquent and sensitive way. As an American of Jewish descent, maybe she has more right to this language and history than I do.

On a slightly lighter note, I would like to draw attention to a video by one of my favourite male feminists, Jay Smooth which partly convinced me I should apologise. Y’all should check it out!

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