new queer feminism article

Hey lovely readers, just wanted to give you a heads up that I have a brand spanking new article up on awesome feminist website Feminists India. It is a summary of my arguments that question group norms in the queer community. What do you guys think? Have the assumptions of masculinity, hypersexualisation and polyamory in queer circles created a false hierarchy between the ideal queer and the realities of lived queer lives? Go check it out.

4 thoughts on “new queer feminism article

  1. supernaut

    aahh! love your writing!

    Possibly would also say there is something uncritical in feminism / queer / lesbian history over the status of androgyny (as distinct from ‘masculinity’), wherein what constitutes ‘gender neutral’ defaults to ‘masculine’, i.e. as you describe.

    In this, there is a lot more in common with some of the problematic aspects of radical feminism than I think is comfortable to admit, and which easily leads to a ‘natural’ devaluation and exclusion of femininity and trans women.

    ot, are you going to the Sabina Lovibond conference at HU, Authorship & Ethical Living?

    1. Lipstick Terrorist

      Thanks Supernaut! Yes, I totally agree. It is weird how androgyny in queer circles in often interpreted as inhabiting stereotypically masculine traits. Also witness how ‘trans’ means ‘trans men’ by default and ‘gender queer’ also means ‘gender-queer-in-a-masculine-way’ as someone pointed out in my workshop last weekend. Let’s be more critical!

      And no I haven’t heard of the conference. What are the details? Can you link me pretty please?

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