Trolls Attack the Berlin Femme Show

Sometimes I get so angry at the sexism I see in the world that it makes me just want to scream. This is the feeling I got when I read the sexist comments on Berlin queer mag Siegessäule‘s review of The Berlin Femme Show. The night was such a success with over 600 guests and 25 amazing performers. It really made me hope, just a little bit, that things might be looking up for femmes here in Berlin. The review was very appreciative and I was so proud of the amazing range of feminist statements our performers made: from body image, to trans identities, queer homogeneity to sex work. But no, apparently when you get a bunch of mostly feminine women performing burlesque, all we are doing is taking our tits out and being pornographic. Of course.

I mean, there is nothing political about a woman desperately breaking her diet by eating her cosmetics and then celebrating her fatness by dancing to Fat Bottomed Girls. There is nothing political about seeing fat burlesque at all, in a world which tells us we only have sexual power as women when we starve ourselves into thinness. There is nothing political about taking the stereotype of the housewife and using it to bake dreams of a different queer world and to celebrate all the feminists who have gone before us. There is nothing political about showing the thoughts of a sex worker as she strips and comes for a client, or standing up on stage as a transsexual woman and talking about the exclusion of transfemininities in the queer community. There is nothing political about standing on stage in front of a community who has done everything in its power to ignore you, discount you and keep you out and demand to be seen as sexual and queer.

Of course, all we girls are doing is taking our tits out and disappointing our queer feminist sisters, who obviously know a lot more about what it means to be queer and feminist than we do. Boo hoo fucking hoo.

So, I encourage all of you to read my zine which is now fully translated and consists of 80 pages of art about why, exactly, these kinds of attitudes are bullshit.

6 thoughts on “Trolls Attack the Berlin Femme Show

  1. Ugh, I’m so sorry about these ignorant and pathetic trolls. Know that you are doing awesome work and have the support of a lot of people! Sounds like it was an amazing night and I wish I could have been there. Love & respect to you, Laura xox

  2. Caite

    Dear Laura and fans,

    I think that describing those who provide a feminist critique that you don’t agree with as internet trolls and sexist motherfucking cunts is completely unnecessary and out of line.

    It’s a good example of the tendency within the queer scene to openly and aggressively silence other feminist opinions. Don’t you think there is enough silencing of women’s voices? Do queers really need to get it on it as well?

    1. Lipstick Terrorist

      Well, Caite, when all said internet commenters have to do is criticise THE ONLY celebration of queer femininity in Berlin then quite frankly I have the right to be mad and shout and scream about it on my blog. I very strongly disagree with your comments on the femme show and I find it sad that someone who describes themselves as a lesbian and would probably call themselves feminist spends so much energy dismissing the feminist activism of other queer feminists.

      And yes, the cabaret was mainly a burlesque show. Standing on stage and demanding to be seen as sexy, when people in the queer scene would obviously rather we femmes weren’t there, is political. Being naked does not mean you are buying into objectification. Queer burlesque is about claiming our own sexualities in a world which says they are wrong and it is empowering. Watching queer burlesque is about affirmation of queer sexuality. If you find burlesque so objectionable then don’t go to a burlesque show.

      And, do you see me silencing you? I am engaging in a conversation with you, which I would like to remind you you started by writing on Siegessaeule. But of course, there’s a point at which my energy to deal with misogynist criticism in the Berlin queer scene will run out.

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  4. OK, one more try, using Twitter this time… and hoping my comment won’t be eaten again.

    I didn’t make it to the Femme Show, apparently I missed a great evening; BUT I want to drop a big load of femme solidarity here. Yes, I know how much this kind of criticism hurts. It just shows how much fempowerment and femme-positiveness are needed!

    Carry on your good work. It’s important.

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