Femmes hit town in less than 48 hours!

Yes, that is my tabloid story for the day. It is only 2 days until the Berlin Femme Show 2012, and boy, have we got a show for you! Not only do we have over 20 (!!) performers including burlesque artists, poets and musicians, we also have 4 fantastic DJs!

Event photographers will be the fabulous Sara Svärtan Persson from Bend Over Magazine and Simson Petrol! Now even more updated! Owing to Hye Barnet’s hair catching fire, our new co-host for the evening will be Siegessäule Drag Queen 2011 Kay P. Rinha ! Expect some bilingual banter between Kay and Mimi.

And now for some pretty pictures! Taken from the Berlin Femme Show 2010, these are a subtle hint at Thursday’s delights to come.

What: The Berlin Femme Show 2012

When: 15th March

Where: Lido, Cuvrystraße 7, 10997 Berlin

Doors 19:00

Spoken word show: 20:00

Cabaret: 22:00

DJs & Dancing: 00.30

Cost: sliding scale €4-€8

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

News will return to normal in 2 days.

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