Fuck it!

You may have noticed that little ‘I Blame Disney’ post sticking its head out and and saying hi to the world before I decapitated it. That was an accident. WordPress changed its layout and I got confused. Disney will be making an all-singing, all-dancing appearance on my blog soon, but that time is not now.

I have been deliberating over whether or not to publish some of the post drafts I have because every time I publish a post and it goes ‘whoop!’ (that’s the sound of it being read a lot and the site view counter shooting up), like it did with ‘I Don’t Want to Have Sex’ and ‘Innocent(ea)se and the Rise of the Cupcake’ I get stuck. I get stuck because I think I will never attain such heights of internet stardom and blog genius ever again.

My thought process goes something like this: holy shit that post was a work of genius! I am a genius! Then I think. Oh no, I’m not a genius anymore. That was a freak flash in the pan. I was a genius yesterday but today I am all stupid again. I blame the patriarchy for my typical female lack of self-esteem and issues. One of my favourite blogs, Hyperbole and a Half, has this to say about failing at success.

But, y’know, yes I want to crawl inside the cavern of my heart and eat sandwiches all day and hide from the world, but fuck it I am going to do that WHILE writing posts about feminist things! Because I am superwoman, I am prolific, I am… Oh, fuck, not again…


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