come say hi tomorrow!

A little reminder for those of you on this side of the Channel that I will be conducting a workshop/panel discussion hybrid on sexism in the queer community at Bildwechsel’s Zine Action Day in Hamburg. This is actually happening tomorrow, not today as previously advertised. I will also be selling copies of the zine. Check out the deets here (yes I did just say deets).

And, just for kicks, more vaginas courtesy of Ismael.

4 thoughts on “come say hi tomorrow!

    1. Lipstick Terrorist

      Hey there, I will indeed be selling the zine through third parties such as Other Nature Sexladen, but I have just sold out of the first printing. If you like you can reply to this to order one from me, or wait until the fully bilingual version is out early next year! You decide 🙂

  1. Lipstick Terrorist

    Hey again, I am pleased to let you know that today I printed out more copies of the zine! They are now available for sale in Other Nature Sexladen:

    If you prefer to buy them directly from me, please email me your name and address at subject ‘Dressed Like That zine’ so I don’t lose it. I will be able to put some in the post for you this week.

    They cost 5 euros each, which isn’t bad for 44 pages of awesomeness. Happy reading!

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