zine world premiere TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the long-awaited world premiere of the Dressed Like That zine: feminine voices on sexism in the queer community/feminine Stimmen über Sexismus in der queeren Szene! Come check out the stall tomorrow, Saturday, at Zinefest Berlin. We will have beautiful, freshly-minted copies and VAGINA CUPCAKES to sink your hungry teeth into. If you are new to the zine, check out the details here: https://lipstickterrorist.wordpress.com/media/

So, here’s the lowdown
Dressed up, fancy stall with awesome ladies and vagina cupcakes
@Zinefest Berlin
Werkstatt der Kulturen: Wissmannstraße 23, 12049 Berlin 

For more info on the fest, check out their website.

One thought on “zine world premiere TOMORROW!

  1. henriette

    Hey Laura,
    your zine is awesome! I just got done reading your “notes on Radical Elitism” and you so take the words out of my mouth! Thanks and keep it coming!!

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